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The impact of Covid-19

Picture above: Conscious consumers have an intention of helping to balance some of the negative impacts that consumerism has on the planet.

By Hoiisa’s editor

Personal growth, conscious consumerism and zero waste

Across the world, nations have been on lockdown, people quarantined at home, kids having homeschooling, shops shut with only supermarkets and pharmacies open, and social distancing of at least two metres applied between people when out from their homes. 2020 has been a real eye-opener, it’s taken a global epidemic to make many of us take a deeper look at our habits, lifestyles, personal choices, outlook on life, priorities and sense of community.

We are all experiencing limitations whilst fighting to keep healthy, both physically and mentally. Confinement and new boundaries have forced us all to slow down our pace, and whilst doing that some have gone down the road of isolation and fear whilst others have come together to support those more in need. Although we may feel confined in such a short period, how must it feel for those who have lived years of confinement and oppression because of war, abuse or suffering? And this period of reflection reminds us how important our inner circle is: our family and home life, and how much we may have neglected these aspects because of our busy lifestyles. Because of the pandemic, we are forced to go back into our homes so we can rebuild and strengthen family units.

Picture above: Lockdown and quarantine, during Covid-19, have helped us put our priorities into perspective.

We are all in this together regardless of our status, religion, culture, ethnicity, job or financial situation – Covid-19 reminds us that we are all equal and what affects one person will ultimately affect another. Let’s remind ourselves that this is the case with the environment too and our contribution to climate change. How we treat the planet will eventually affect us all. We are all connected so let’s be mindful to respect each other and our environment. Since the global pandemic started, there have been less cars on the roads and planes have virtually been brought to a halt, which has helped decrease carbon emissions. There’s less waste, cleaner air and water, and a reduction in pollution. These positive environmental impacts are all helping the ozone layer repair itself, allowing Earth to heal and recover.

“Why don’t we upcycle our clothes, wear more vintage items, give things that we don’t use to others that will, and consider leading a sustainable and healthy lifestyle?”

Let’s get our priorities straight. What have we given value to? Many of us have been living in a materialistic society; do we really need those extra clothes, extra shoes or handbags? What’s important are the essentials, like food and medicine. This is a time of reflection, empathy and understanding. We can come out of this as better humans, better people who have learnt from our lessons. Why don’t we upcycle our clothes, wear more vintage items, give things that we don’t use to others that will, and consider leading a sustainable and healthy lifestyle?

Picture above: Let’s find ways to help lead a sustainable lifestyle by supporting brands that do.

The power of free will is in our hands, we can choose to create a positive impact, be selfless, co-operate, give, share, inspire and support. Or we can be led by our egos – waste materials, pollute, litter and hoard. Ultimately, whilst the world goes through another pandemic, in our lifetime, we must be patient because this too will pass, just like the many times history has shown. But in the meantime, learn to appreciate the little things – sunshine through the window, flowers blossoming, birds singing, water flowing, rain pouring, freedom to choose, quality time and relationships to build. To those beginning this journey, you will get through it, listen to what you are told, follow the rules, look out for each other, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

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