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The Best Body Boosters to See You through Summer

Image: Courtesy of Jakob Owens/Unsplash. During the hot summer months, it’s more important than ever to look after your body from the outside as well as the inside.

By Hoiisa’s editor

As temperatures rise, humidity soars through the roof, and our AC switches to turbo charge, it’s time to invest in nourishing body boosters to see your skin through summer. The constant chopping and changing between cold, dry air and hot, humid surroundings wreaks havoc on our skin, resulting in everything from increased inflammation and blocked pores to dryness, dehydration, sensitivity, and redness. Not ideal.

Image: Courtesy of Ben Scott/Unsplash. Invest in products that not only protect but also hydrate, nourish, and boost your glow from top to toe.

But the good news is, you can put a stop to stressed skin simply by adding some summer-friendly beauty buys to your grooming routine. From bathing essentials to oils, creams, and everything in between, shop Hoiisa’s edit of the 6 top summer saviours below, and say hello to happy, healthy skin from top to toe.

Erbaviva Adult Sunscreen

No summer beauty edit is complete without a super SPF, especially when it comes to this organic protecting powerhouse. Not only does it protect our skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays, but it also protects the planet thanks to its clean, nasty-free formula. Unlike most mainstream sun creams, which are loaded with harmful ingredients that cause serious damage to sea-life and coral, this uses organic essential oils, naturally occurring zinc oxide, and organic aloe juice to form a protective barrier on the skin while providing moisturising, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic properties. There’s also none of that nasty thick white film, and it will keep you sun safe in water for up to 80 minutes. Magic.

Salt & Stone Natural Deodorant Eucalyptus, Pink Grapefruit & Bergamot

Not only are conventional deodorants packed full of harmful and harsh additives, but they also prohibit the body’s normal functions by blocking sweat glands and stopping them from working properly. Not what you want during hot, humid months… So, put a stop to sweatiness this summer, without stressing out your skin, thanks to this dreamy deodorant from Salt & Stone. Specially formulated for sensitive skins, it’s loaded with moisturising hyaluronic acid and probiotics to nourish pits while keeping bad odours at bay. Even better? It glides smoothly onto skin, leaves no tell-tale residue, and boasts a refreshing and summery citrus scent, courtesy of bergamot and pink grapefruit.

Rahua Body Shower Gel

There’s no better way to wash away a hot summer’s day than with a nourishing shower gel, especially when it’s made with 100% organic, natural, and cruelty-free ingredients that cleanse and nourish skin from within and help fight signs of ageing. Rich in antioxidants, fatty acids and omegas, this uplifting body booster is a treat for all the senses – leaving the skin lightly scented with vanilla, lavender, and eucalyptus while gently rinsing away daily dirt and grime with a rich, decadent lather. No summer shower session is complete without one.

Grown Alchemist Intensive Hand Cream Persian Rose & Argan Extract

Give your hands a, well, helping hand in the heat by protecting them against drying A/C and harsh UV rays with this deliciously decadent hand cream from Grown Alchemist. Rich in Persian rose, nourishing oils, and hyaluronic acid, it melts seamlessly into dry, cracked mitts to provide instant relief and moisture with no greasiness, all whilst strengthening the skin and restoring elasticity. The perfect treatment whether you’ve spent your day cooling off inside or if you’ve braved the beach.

Salt By Hendrix Body Glow Golden Hour, Jasmine + Argan Oil

Nothing says summer beautiful skin better than a gorgeous glow, which is why this shimmery skin saviour from Salt By Hendrix should take pride of place on your summer beauty list. A blissful blend of nourishing plant oils, rich in vitamin E and fatty acids, it loads skin with vitamins, minerals and moisture while imparting a beautiful bronze glow sans greasy residue. So, if your summer plans have been quashed and you’re longing for that radiant vacation skin, this has you covered – and then some.

Shirley Conlon Organics Solid Lip Serum

You may associate dry, cracked lips with cooler climes, but summer heat and dry air-conditioning can seriously dehydrate and parch our pouts. But don’t panic, because this natural lip-lover blends organic hydrating botanicals with sun-dried beeswax, vitamin E, and essential oils to save your smile this summer. Simply massage into your lips whenever they’re in need of some hydrating relief and you’ll have a soft, smooth, plump pout no time.

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    Why bother with clean beauty brands?

    People’s shopping habits are changing. The world is developing a more conscious community of folks looking towards leading a sustainable lifestyle with conscious consumerism. There’s a need for products that help the environment whilst also giving people healthy and radiant skin.

    Most of us use beauty products every single day, whether it's a deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, lipstick, concealer, foundation, perfume, sun protector, or shower gel. But each time you use these products, do you actually know what you are putting on your skin? If you don't already use clean beauty products you could be putting questionable chemicals on your body, which, in time, may lead to skin irritations, allergic reactions and poor health. If you want to be healthy, it’s not just about exercise or eating well; it’s also about learning to be skin conscious. The skin is the largest organ in your body and what you feed your skin goes into your bloodstream and since skin is porous, it absorbs whatever you put on it!

    What does it mean by 'going clean'?

    Going clean is about using products made without a long, ever-evolving list of ingredients linked to harmful health effects, from hormone disruption, cancer, and plain-old skin concerns. However, it doesn't mean all clean beauty products are natural – it can be human-made too, which also means high-tech skincare solutions.

    Clean products are great for sensitive skin; they're healthy, potent, high-performance, innovate and effective. Let’s also consider that 'clean' beauty can mean sustainable, green products, working with Fairtrade, or made with eco-conscious packaging, or products made in low emission facilities with renewable energy.


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