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Embracing natural beauty post lockdown

Image: Courtesy of Chris Jarvis/Unsplash. Hoiisa is a sustainable, clean and green beauty platform in the Middle East.

By Hoiisa’s editor

For many, it’s been a challenging time of the year, with the outbreak of Covid-19, to even get out of pyjamas and loungewear during quarantine, let alone put on any make-up. But as the days have passed, you begin to accept that you don’t need to go to the local nail salon or brow bar. You come to terms that you can manage just fine without a professional blow-dry. And you don’t really need that lash refill after all. None of these things make you more of a well put together human being because you begin to adjust to have more confidence in yourself without these things. Instead, your main priority becomes the health of your hair and your skin and you begin to discover more about natural ingredients and high-tech solutions to help improve your skin and hair condition.

Quarantine has helped many of us get back to basics by encouraging us to embrace our natural beauty (just a little bit more). By not practicing daily make-up rituals, it’s allowed us to feel more accepting of our true selves, which has been very empowering for most. When was the last time you spent so long without any make-up, allowing your skin to take a break? When did you last let your nails and lashes rest? And when did you last put down your hair tools and welcome your natural hair?

Image: Courtesy of Houcine Ncib/Unsplash. Beautiful and natural beauty at its best is when we focus on good healthy skincare with clean ingredients.

There have certainly been some uncomfortable times with quarantine, but there are also positive changes that have happened because of it. We are beginning to see a shift towards a more natural look, away from heavy make-up, towards minimal make-up – focusing on maintaining glossy, clean and radiant skin. There’s a saying that sometimes less is more. Keeping your daily look simple, fresh and healthy, with effective, high-performance, clean beauty products – free from any toxins – is all you need.

There’s talk of a second wave of coronavirus potentially hitting in fall 2020. If this is the case it may take some time before we can go back to a life of ‘normality’ again, socialising as usual, and not distancing ourselves from each other. During these uncertain times, with lockdowns, curfews and quarantine, we should look at ways to keep beauty care natural and effortless, using high-tech, natural, organic, beauty products. At Hoiisa, we have an abundance of clean brands that fit the bill.

People are also beginning to want more transparency with brands. There is a progressive move towards conscious consumption, eco-friendly packaging and sustainable business practices, which is something that we at Hoiisa are very passionate about. This is why we work with brands that care about sustainability and charitable ways of giving-back to communities and the planet.

Get that healthy, natural look with these clean beauty products:

Grown Alchemist, Gentle Gel Cleanser Geranium Leaf, Bergamot & Rose-Bud, 174.00 AED, 200ml

Massage this into your face in the morning and at night. This delicate blend of botanical extracts gently removes impurities without stripping skin. It helps reduce pores and spots. And, it’s an overall fantastic soothing and calming cleanser.

Grown Alchemist, Balancing Toner Rose, Ginseng & Chamomile, 144.00 AED, 200ml

After cleansing, apply this all over the face and décolletage with a cotton pad. This invigorating toner refines pores and evens out skin tone beautifully. It also gives an instant lift and a radiant glow.

Salt by Hendrix, Mermaid Oil Facial Treatment, 195.00 AED, 30ml

Use this after cleansing and toning skin. The light and moisturising oil will help improve elasticity, whilst softening fine lines. It’s rich in omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids, vitamin A and E, linoleic and oleic acids. It’s also a very good superfood for your skin.

Mad Hippie, Eye Cream, 147.00 AED, 15ml

Keep wrinkles at bay with this product. Pat lightly under eyes in the morning and at night. It has antioxidants and peptides that help improve discolouration, dark circles and fine lines.

Shirley Conlon Organics, Lip Serum, Solid Serum, 40.00 AED, 15ml

An organic blend of hydrating plant botanicals that will repair and nourish delicate lips. The hydrating serum is infused with essential lavender oil, which is healing and conditioning.

Rahua Leave-in Treatment, 310 AED, 60ml

After shampoo and conditioner, apply this leave-in treatment on the hair. It’s rich with omega-9 and Rahua oil. It’s also an anti-frizz treatment that repairs hair and soothes the scalp, whilst shielding hair from stress and preventing breakage and split ends.

Rahua Body Lotion, 330 AED, 200ml

Crafted with potent Amazon Rainforest grown oils, it has powerful antioxidants, and omega-3 and omega-9 fatty acids. The organic plant-based lotion can be applied all over the body to repair skin, nourish, moisturise and maintain skin’s natural elasticity.

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    Why bother with clean beauty brands?

    People’s shopping habits are changing. The world is developing a more conscious community of folks looking towards leading a sustainable lifestyle with conscious consumerism. There’s a need for products that help the environment whilst also giving people healthy and radiant skin.

    Most of us use beauty products every single day, whether it's a deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, lipstick, concealer, foundation, perfume, sun protector, or shower gel. But each time you use these products, do you actually know what you are putting on your skin? If you don't already use clean beauty products you could be putting questionable chemicals on your body, which, in time, may lead to skin irritations, allergic reactions and poor health. If you want to be healthy, it’s not just about exercise or eating well; it’s also about learning to be skin conscious. The skin is the largest organ in your body and what you feed your skin goes into your bloodstream and since skin is porous, it absorbs whatever you put on it!

    What does it mean by 'going clean'?

    Going clean is about using products made without a long, ever-evolving list of ingredients linked to harmful health effects, from hormone disruption, cancer, and plain-old skin concerns. However, it doesn't mean all clean beauty products are natural – it can be human-made too, which also means high-tech skincare solutions.

    Clean products are great for sensitive skin; they're healthy, potent, high-performance, innovate and effective. Let’s also consider that 'clean' beauty can mean sustainable, green products, working with Fairtrade, or made with eco-conscious packaging, or products made in low emission facilities with renewable energy.


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