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Solaris Laboratories NY

The clean beauty brand focuses on holistic, green skincare and wellness products, such as organic serums, natural botanical oils and crystals for crystal healing. Their core belief stretches back thousands of years, with a concept that whatever your grandma’s grandma did, which was passed on, must surely be the best indicator of having some great truth to it. This is why Solaris Laboratories NY trust the ingredients and modalities that have been used by the ancients, in particular the Ancient Egyptians, who didn’t have preservatives or harmful fillers, but simply relied on what Mother Nature offered.

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Their purpose is to reduce, reuse, recycle and repurpose their products. With sustainability in mind, they have reduced unnecessary packaging like cellophane and paper boxes and slowly merged to biodegradable and compostable peanuts as insulating material. The mini cardboard boxes that house their oils have been dropped and changed for square or rectangular packaging because the shape maximises the products surface area and increases tessellation for large shipments. This will reduce unnecessary weight when compounded and it will increase efficiency on air freight and decrease their input to carbon emissions. The EVA foam that houses most of their tools was strategically designed to not only be efficient (shock absorbing, antimicrobial, protecting and water resistant) but it can be reused throughout the lifecycle of the product. Most of their topical products are in glass containers because glass can be infinitely recycled and reused.

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